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Hot plate
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Q235 hot plate
Q235 hot plate

  Q235 also has cold plate. This product is structural steel plate with high strength and general tensile strength > 400 MPa. It can only be used when the surface and strength are high. If the surface is not high, Q235 hot plate can be used. .  The properties of Q235A and Q235B are not much different. Q235A does not require bending properties of steel. If bending performance is required, Q235B is recommended.  The prices of these two varieties are basically the same.  DC01 is a general cold-formed steel sheet with a general tensile strength of 270 MPa, which can be used for shallow forming.  It is quite different from Q235B.  The cold rolled sheet of Q235B corresponds to Baosteel's product is ST37-2G, Q235B is the national standard product, ST37-2G is the German standard product.  If there is no logo, the naked eye can't see it, but with the same thickness of Q235 cold plate and the same thickness of DC01, you can see, which kind of gas is needed to bend, which is the Q235 hot plate, this The method is not scientific, it is recommended to buy the whole piece of material, there is a steel factory logo.  Or buy it back and measure the intensity with the instrument. 

Q235 hot plate classification: usually rolled into the main: wire rod or round steel, square steel, flat steel, angle steel, I-beam, channel steel, window frame steel and other steel, medium-thick steel.

Q235 hot plate use:
1. A large number of applications in construction and engineering structures. Used to make steel bars or build factory buildings, high-voltage transmission towers, bridges, vehicles, boilers, containers, ships, etc., and also used as mechanical parts that do not require high performance.
2, can be used for a variety of abrasive handles and other non-essential abrasive parts.
3. Q235 steel is used as the punch material. It is directly used after quenching without tempering. The hardness is 36~40HRC, which solves the phenomenon that the punch is broken during use.

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