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Stainless steel plate
9CrSi steel plate
9CrSi steel plate

9CrSi steel plate 1. Alloy spring steel is suitable for the production of flat springs subjected to large loads in railway vehicles and automobile tractor industries.

Overview of 9CrSi steel sheet properties and application areas:

High strength, certain toughness and plasticity; fatigue limit is equivalent to alloy spring under the same surface condition and complete hardenability

(1) High hardness (above 40HRC)

(2) High wear resistance

(3) High heat hardness (red hardness)

(4) has a certain strength, toughness and plasticity

Mechanical properties of 9CrSi steel plate
Hardness: Annealed, 241 ~ 197HB, indentation diameter 3.9 ~ 4.3mm; 187 ~ 229HB (for thread tools); quenching, ≥ 62HRC
[Applications]: Mainly used in the manufacture of low-speed cutting tools (such as woodworking tools, bench tools, drills, milling cutters, broaches, etc.) and measuring tools (such as calipers, micrometers, block gauges, templates, etc.). Measuring tool steel requires high hardness (62 ~ 65HRC), high wear resistance, sufficient toughness, high heat hardness (ie, the cutting tool can maintain high hardness at high temperature); to ensure the accuracy of measurement, the measuring tool is required The cutting tool steel has good dimensional stability.

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