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Shenyang Q235 hot plate industry leading technology!
Edit:Shenyang Sidi Ou Trading Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-05-29

Shenyang Q235 hot plate technology is leading, but because of its low mechanical strength, anti-wear performance is poor, and it is limited in engineering applications.

Stainless steel plates have a high work hardening coefficient. For such materials with high work hardening coefficient, cold deformation is an important means to improve their strength. Through work hardening, the use of 316L can be expanded with a low cost.

316l stainless steel pipe has excellent corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and molding function, and is widely used as engineering materials.

The failure of qualified stainless steel shall be determined by inspection, and the quality inspection shall be carried out in seven steps.
1. If the stainless steel plate is attached with oil on the surface of the workpiece during heating, the thickness of the scale at the oil adhering portion and the thickness and composition of the oxide scale in other portions are different, and carburization occurs. The portion of the subcutaneous matrix metal that is carburized will be severely attacked by acid. When the heavy oil burner is initially burned, the oil droplets sprayed on the workpiece have a great influence. Therefore, the operator should not touch the stainless steel directly with the hand, and do not let the workpiece stain with new oil.
2. If there is lubricating oil attached to the surface of the workpiece during cold working, it must be fully degreased in trichloroethylene degreaser and caustic soda solution, then rinsed with warm water, and then heat treated.
3, stainless steel If there are debris on the surface, especially when organic matter or ash is attached to the workpiece, heating will of course have an effect on the scale.
4. Differences in the atmosphere of the stainless steel furnace The atmosphere in the furnace is different in each part, and the formation of the scale will also change, which is also the cause of unevenness after pickling. Therefore, the atmosphere of each part of the furnace must be the same when heated.
5. Objects that are in direct contact with the heated workpiece must be thoroughly dried before use. However, if it is placed at room temperature after drying, the moisture will still condense on the surface of the workpiece under high humidity. Therefore, it is best to dry before use.
There is residual oxide scale before, and there is a portion where the scale remains and the portion without the scale after heating. The thickness and composition of the scale may occur, causing uneven surface after pickling, so it is necessary to pay attention not only to the final heat treatment. Also pay due attention to intermediate heat treatment and pickling.
There is a difference in the scale produced. Therefore, it is necessary to make the treatment member not directly contact the flame port when heating.

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