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Petroleum cracking tube 18.5.29 price quotes
Edit:Shenyang Sidi Ou Trading Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-05-29

Recently, the price of oil cracking pipes has been lowered, the shipping speed is overweight, and the order trading is low. Some people are shocked. Some people wait to see jokes. After the market has risen, the price will drop properly. Does it mean that the mall has already increased your price? What is good to confess, what is smug in stock.

In terms of futures materials, coincident with Christmas, Lun Nickel has not yet opened, Shanghai nickel green reappears, the trend is not obvious, the material is weak and stable, waiting for the Spring Festival.

In terms of price of steel mills, Dadu Steel has flat prices, and some price adjustments are rare. There are also steel mills that are closed, and they are still at a stable price. Some steel mills have raised the price of tenders, such as Fuxin Special Steel's high carbon ferrochrome in January. The bid price is 7 base yuan of 50 base tons, up by 300 yuan from December.

Today, in terms of shopping malls, 201 cold and hot rolling is weak and stable. Some 304 hot rolling is lowered by 50-100 yuan, and some 304/316L cold rolling is lowered by 100-200. The shopping malls are still at a profitable level, and there is no significant decline. .

Some people laughed at the price cuts of the oil cracking tube , and they did not realize that the mall has now increased his price. Some people missed the price increase, some people caught up with the end of the price increase, some people were afraid of remorse, some people were out of stock and still smelly, the market changed and there were blood and tears, and they fell after falling and did not regret it. Why do you mind those complaining mouths.

Today's data, 201 stable, 304 fine-tuning, 316L stable; pipe guidance price, 201 flat, 304 flat, 316L flat; shopping malls are weak and stable.

Pipe price quotation rules: Because the data has been adjusted too fast, the inventory management resources are lacking. For the price close to the shopping mall, we can't refer to the average price of the recent data. See the real-time quote of today's steel belt. 201 See J3 capital plus 2500, 304 for steel belt cost. Add 3000, 316L to the steel belt and add 4000.

Oil cracking pipe spot price difference elements: shopping malls indiscriminate prices, data differences, manufacturers differences, prices vary, medium frequency furnace / water abrasive is relatively cheap.