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Introduction to the classification method of common Shenyang stainless steel pipe
Edit:Shenyang Sidi Ou Trading Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-05-24

Last time we introduced the contents of Shenyang stainless steel pipe materials commonly used in daily production, the technicians of 65Mn Steel Plate Company will continue to introduce their specific classification methods for everyone to distinguish.

1. Classified by production method

(1) Seamless pipe - cold drawn pipe, extruded pipe, cold rolled pipe

Stainless steel seamless pipe

The stainless steel seamless pipe is a long strip of steel with a hollow section and no seams around it.

◆ Seamless steel pipe manufacturing process and process

Smelting>steel ingot>rolling steel>saw cutting>peeling>perforation>annealing>pickling>ashing>cold drawing>cutting head>pickling>into the warehouse

◆ Features of seamless steel pipe

From the above process, we can easily see that: First, the thicker the wall thickness of the product, the more economical and practical it is, the thinner the wall thickness, the higher the processing cost will be; secondly, the The process of the product determines its limitations. Generally, the seamless steel pipe has low precision: uneven wall thickness, low brightness inside and outside the pipe, high fixed-length cost, and pitting and black spots on the inside and outside, and its black point is not easy to remove; Detection and shaping must be processed offline. Therefore, it embodies its superiority in high-pressure, high-strength, mechanical structural materials.

(2) welded pipe

(a) Classification by process - gas shielded pipe, arc welded pipe, electric resistance welded pipe (high frequency, low frequency)

(b) According to the weld seam - straight seam welded pipe, spiral welded pipe

Stainless steel welded steel pipe

Welded steel pipe is referred to as welded pipe, which is a steel pipe made by welding a steel plate or a steel belt through a unit and a die.

◆ Manufacturing process and process of welded steel pipe

Steel plate>Split>Molding>Solution>Induction bright heat treatment>Internal and external weld bead treatment>Shaping>Sizing>Vortex detection>Laser diameter measurement>Pickling>Warehousing

◆ Characteristics of welded steel pipe

From the above process, we can easily see that: First, the product is continuously produced online, the thicker the wall thickness, the greater the investment of the unit and the welding equipment, the less economical and practical it is. The thinner the wall thickness, the lower the input-output ratio will be. Secondly, the process of the product determines its advantages and disadvantages. Generally, the welded steel pipe has high precision, uniform wall thickness, and high brightness inside and outside the pipe (the steel pipe is determined by the surface grade of the steel plate). Surface brightness), can be arbitrarily fixed. Therefore, it demonstrates its economy and aesthetics in high-precision, medium- and low-pressure fluid applications.

2, according to the shape of the section

(1) Round steel pipe

(2) rectangular tube

3, according to wall thickness classification

(1) Thin-walled steel pipe

(2) Thick-walled steel pipe

4, according to the purpose of classification (1) civil tube: split round tube, rectangular tube, flower tube, generally used for decoration, construction, structure and other aspects;

(2) Industrial pipes: steel pipes for industrial piping, steel pipes for general piping (drinking water pipes), mechanical structures/fluid conveying pipes, boiler heat exchange pipes, food sanitary pipes, etc. Generally used in various fields of industry such as: petrochemical, paper, nuclear, food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries have higher requirements for fluid media.

According to industry standards, the classification of stainless steel pipes is mainly the above four. Of course, there are other classification methods, because they are not used, and will not be introduced here.

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