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How to use high pressure boiler tubes to ensure safety
Edit:Shenyang Sidi Ou Trading Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-07-03

Generally, the high-pressure boiler tube is made of soft material and can be bent. The rigid material boiler tube should be specially bent. Boiler tubes are used in high pressure environments. It is widely used in natural gas and oil and gas pipelines. What kind of inspection should be performed before the boiler tube is used to ensure safe use?

1. Take special care when connecting high pressure boiler tubes . Do not be too tight to avoid damaging the joint deformation and damage to the structure, causing leakage and rendering it unusable.
2. This is necessary for the first test pressure (ie checking the pressure of the boiler tube) (a). The red tube pressure is 15000 0psi.
(b) When the pressure rises to (a) 15000 0pSi or (b) 800 0pSi, the pressure of the black tube is 800 0pSi, the pressure is stopped for about 2 minutes to 5 minutes, and then it is checked for any shape, such as big belly, leak. , tube, if it does not happen, all of these are normal, and if E is an abnormal phenomenon, the boiler tube can not be used, it should be strictly prohibited. Should be returned to the seller or sales company.
three. Before use, check for any shape, such as the appearance of the deformation, the joint is pressed, and the double-headed spring (rubber sleeve) must be placed in the joint. (The spring sleeve (rubber sleeve) is the most fragile part of the joint and the boiler tube). It can avoid 90 or 180 degrees of loss when collecting the pipe, and it is easy to detonate or leak when used. Happening.

Maintenance and storage of high pressure boiler tubes
1. The maintenance of the high-pressure boiler tube is very simple, as long as it is cleaned in a circular and circular shape with a cleaning agent (methanol) in the tube until it is cleaned, then cleaned with a clean cleaning agent, preferably leaving some cleaning agent in the tube. There is no cleaning, as well as products. Plug tube.
2. When packaging boiler tubes, there is no discount or 90 degree or hanging collection, because folding or 90 degree collection will damage the structure and the pause time will become 90 degrees, so it is recommended to use circular storage to prohibit suspension.