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What are the methods for identifying authenticity of Shenyang 316l stainless steel pipe?
Edit:Shenyang Sidi Ou Trading Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-05-29

Shenyang 316l stainless steel tube has many performance advantages, and the application field is gradually increasing, which is accompanied by an increase in supply. It should be said that the price of stainless steel pipe raw materials has been rising, resulting in the cost of stainless steel pipes has been rising, and some manufacturers will charge "good" for their profits. How can consumers recognize the true and false of stainless steel pipes?

First, the magnetic test:

The magnetic test is the easiest way to distinguish between annealed austenitic stainless steel and ferritic stainless steel in stainless steel tubes. Austenitic stainless steel is a kind of non-magnetic steel, but it will have a certain magnetic property after cold working under relatively large pressure. Pure chrome steel and low alloy steel are one type of ferromagnetic steel.

Second, the nitric point test:

A notable feature of Shenyang 316l stainless steel tubing is its inherent corrosion resistance to concentrated nitric acid and dilute nitric acid, which makes it easy to distinguish from most other metals or alloys. However, the high carbon type 420 and 440 steels are slightly corroded when subjected to the nitric acid point test, and the non-ferrous metals are immediately corroded when they encounter concentrated nitric acid, and the dilute nitric acid is highly corrosive to carbon steel.

Third, copper sulfate point test:

The copper sulfate point test is the easiest way to quickly distinguish between normal carbon steel and all types of stainless steel tubing. The concentration of the copper sulfate solution used is 5 to 10%. Before the point test, the test area should be thoroughly cleaned of grease or various impurities, and a small area is polished with a soft cloth, and then the copper sulfate solution is dripped into the cleaned area with a drop bottle. Ordinary carbon steel or iron forms a layer of surface metallic copper in a few seconds, while stainless steel surfaces do not produce copper deposits or show copper color.

In summary, the above three test methods can distinguish the common Shenyang 316l stainless steel pipe on the market. After all, it is difficult for the stainless steel pipe to distinguish his materials from the surface. As a purchaser, understand the doorway and purchase the stainless steel pipe. It will not be affected by the business.