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Common sense of 65Mn steel plate
Edit:Shenyang Sidi Ou Trading Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-06-22

The 65Mn steel sheet is a general term for hard steel strips and is a hard 65Mn steel strip. The hardness varies depending on the manufacturing process of different manufacturers. Some about HRC40 and some about HRC44-49, for example, we do 44-49. Before you order, you can figure it out. Usually (note: "general"), the heat treated steel strip is a hard steel strip. Strictly speaking, heat treatment is a processing technique. The all-hard steel strip is one of the heat-treated steel strips. The concept of the heat treatment process can be "heat treated" by Baidu. For example, the soft tape is annealed and annealing is one of the heat treatment processes. Therefore, strictly speaking, mild steel strip is also a heat-treated steel strip. 650Mn heat treatment hardness: after 38~60HC heat treatment and cold drawing hardening, the strength is high, with certain toughness and plasticity, and the fatigue limit is the same as the alloy spring in the same surface state and the fatigue limit under complete quenching.
All hard 65Mn steel sheets have good surface quality (strict control of surface defects and decarburization), precise shape and size. However, it has poor hardenability and is mainly used for small-sized springs such as pressure regulating springs, force springs, general mechanical rings, square coil springs or steel wires for small mechanical springs. Manganese can improve hardenability. The 12mm steel oil can be quenched and the surface decarburization tendency is less than that of silicon steel. The comprehensive mechanical properties after heat treatment are superior to carbon steel, but have overheat sensitivity and temper brittleness. It is used as a small size, round spring, buffer spring, spring rod, and can also be made into a spring ring, a valve spring, a clutch spring, a brake spring and a cold-drawn spring coil spring. It has excellent overall properties such as mechanical properties (especially elastic limit, strength limit, flexural strength ratio), elastic properties (ie, anti-elasticity reduction properties, also known as anti-relaxation), fatigue properties, hardenability, physics and chemistry. P. Performance (heat resistance, low temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.). In order to meet the above performance requirements, spring steel has excellent metallurgical quality (high purity and uniformity), good surface quality (strict control of surface defects and decarburization), precise shape and size.