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Recent market trends in high pressure boiler tubes
Edit:Shenyang Sidi Ou Trading Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-08-09

At present, from the market trend, the demand for high-pressure boiler tubes is growing slowly, combined with the backlog of coke stock market. The market price in the later period is still mainly down, near the end of the month, or there is a steady steady decline. Due to continued pressure from the steel mills and recent environmental pressures, steel mills have increased production restrictions and reduced enthusiasm for purchase. Due to the obvious relationship between supply and demand, the price in North China has dropped by about 20-40 yuan. Due to the low demand for steel, large steel output, abnormal market supply and demand, steel sales pressure is high. In this case, it is inevitable to suppress the raw material market and control the stock of raw materials such as coke, thereby reducing the cost of capital. The continued decline in the iron ore Platts index has led to a continuous decline in the spot price of imported mines, while the spot market in the port is weak and the prices of mainstream mines are falling, making the price pressure on the mines even greater. Sales are heavy, and the supply of mineral resources is greater than demand. At present, the spot price of imported mines is close to 55 US dollars, and the risk of less than 50 US dollars is highlighted under market pressure.

According to traders, today's open market has changed, the high-pressure boiler tube market has recovered flatly, and the number of sunrise commodities is still very poor. Although the factory has lowered the price of seamless steel pipe production, the company has not planned to fall with inventory. Phenomenon, the market prospects are expected in the near future, the local seamless pipe is still weak and stable, and wait and see. After the opening ceremony, the company continued to enjoy low shocks. The closing price at noon was 2,354 yuan/ton, which was 7 yuan lower than the settlement price of the previous day. From the current situation, although the inventory pressure of traders and steel is not large, but the market demand is still weak, the snail period continues to remain low, which makes the market price difficult to be bullish. It is expected that steel market prices or weak integration in the short term are the main reasons. As far as supply and demand are concerned, the overall supply of iron ore resources is still very large, especially the supply of imported mineral resources is quite prominent, so the iron ore market price is still suppressed. The domestic pig iron market is weak and stable, and the market is generally traded. The raw material import market rose slightly. The coke price fell in the near future, the downstream market has not improved, the pig iron market is insufficiently supported, and the steel market for steelmaking is still in a downturn. As the downstream steel market did not rise, some steel products strictly controlled the purchase, which led to delays in the rework plan. The pig iron market was more chaotic, but the overall trend was still in a weak position. In the South and North, the deal is not one, and most iron mills are still at a loss. It is expected that the domestic pig iron market is likely to have a downward trend in some regions in the near future, and the price of high-pressure boiler tubes may stabilize in some areas.

At present, each high-pressure boiler tube is still very large. At the end of the month, merchants are under pressure to withdraw funds, so market prices continue to rise. Overall, local market prices are expected to stabilize in the short term, the overall market performance is poor, and traders' offers are slightly lower. From the market point of view, due to the relocation of Liangshan Wharf, the market is concentrated in the warehouses of Xi'an Port in Chongqing, resulting in a backlog of canal resources, slow resources, and increased difficulty in merchant sales. According to the reaction of traders, raw material prices continue to fall, the market spreads the risk of various steels, leading to pessimistic expectations for the future market, and the business model as the main body of the market, the overall turnover of the market deviates from the level of traders, traders The daily turnover is concentrated between 100-200 tons.