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How to distinguish stainless steel from 201 stainless steel manufacturers
Edit:Shenyang Sidi Ou Trading Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-08-27

1, from the color point of view. 201 stainless steel manufacturers produce 201 stainless steel with higher manganese content, 201 stainless steel is obviously dimmed, of course, in recent years, some 201 stainless steel manufacturers will make 201 stainless steel bright through some other methods, this method can only be used as a novice reference. Not suitable for advanced authentication.

2, magnet identification method. In fact, 201 stainless steel produced by 201 stainless steel manufacturers has the possibility of not containing magnetism.

3. Acid test. Through the experiment, we added vinegar to the 201 stainless steel tableware. After an hour, we can taste the strong vinegar of the 201 stainless steel tableware. This is why the use of 201 stainless steel as a tableware is prohibited in foreign countries. Because manganese contained in 201 stainless steel can have harmful effects on the human body. Of course, we have a better way to avoid poisoning. Now there is a stainless steel test potion on the market. Just drop a few drops to see the color and reaction speed to judge the stainless steel model. The principle of this syrup is to chemically react the elements contained in the material with the substances in the identified syrup. 201 stainless steel produced by 201 stainless steel manufacturers will turn dark brown red when the medicine drops.

4, spectrometer detection method: For some factories with high requirements for stainless steel, the use of spectrometer to monitor 201 stainless steel manufacturers 201 stainless steel is the fastest and most accurate, but the spectrometer price is relatively expensive, so like ordinary users are not Great for use.