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Factors affecting the installation of high pressure boiler tubes in power plants
Edit:Shenyang Sidi Ou Trading Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-08-24

Factors affecting the installation of high pressure boiler tubes in power plants

1. The actual operation of skilled workers

Skilled workers are unskilled in the connection of high-pressure boiler pipes and pipes, failing to meet the standards and standards, leaving hidden dangers to safety. For example, in welding, whether it is the joint between the pipeline and the whole row, or the point-by-point solid of the breakpoint, if the construction personnel's technology is not mature or the construction conditions are not conducive to the construction personnel to make an accurate judgment, there will be a kind of Impervious, which will result in stability of the entire pipe connection. In the case of safety hazards, gas leaks may occur, and even periodic rises in equipment temperatures and safety incidents may occur. In addition, a large amount of gas is inevitably generated during the welding process. If the constructor cannot effectively treat the gas, a hidden hole is left, and the severity of the problem is basically the same as the impermeability.

2. High-pressure boiler tube installation quality

Since the installation of the high-pressure boiler pipe is carried out after the installation of the high-pressure boiler pipe , and because the boiler is bulky, the space constraint on the installation of the boiler cannot be arbitrarily adjusted, so if there is a problem in the installation process of the high-pressure boiler pipe , the sub-equation is bound to be affected. The installation of high-pressure boiler tubes was forced to manufacture boiler pipes, and the installation was deviated from the original plan. Since the high-pressure boiler tube plays an extremely important role in the entire power supply system, the installation quality directly affects the operation of the power plant and the safety of the surrounding environment. Therefore, the scientific installation and strict inspection of the high-pressure boiler pipeline of the power plant is not only economical but also has Significant social significance.