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The difference between DC01 cold plate and other steel types
Edit:Shenyang Sidi Ou Trading Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-07-31

ST12, DC01 cold plate and SPCC belong to the same grade in cold rolled steel plate and can be replaced with each other without special use.
SPCC is a Japanese brand. SPCC refers to the commonly used cold-rolled carbon steel and steel strip, equivalent to the Chinese Q195-215A brand. The third letter C is the abbreviation of cold and cold. To ensure the tensile test, add T to SPCCT at the end of the brand.
ST12 belongs to the German brand and refers to the line standard (DI161623). ST12 cold-rolled steel sheet is recognized on the market because it can do some simple stretching and stamping. Compared with SPCC and DC01 cold plates , the price is slightly higher than SPCC and DC01, but it is not absolute. Manufacturers include: Baosteel, Tin Steel, Anshan Iron and Steel, Wuhan Iron and Steel and other large steel companies Mills. The higher grade cold plates are ST12, ST14, ST15, ST16 and ST17.
The DC01 cold plate is a European standard. It refers to the standard of "En10130". The focus of this steel plate is stamping, and Shougang, Baosteel, Tang Gang and WISCO produce more brands. Its high level cold plates are DC03, DC04, DC05 and DC06.
The DC01 cold plate is a cold continuous rolling low carbon steel plate and steel strip. Adopt Baosteel enterprise standard Q/BQB402 or EU standard EN 10130 standard. Q235 is a carbon structural steel. Adopt Chinese standard GB700.

These two are not standard. If you need to compare, we can convert it into GB GB quality carbon structural steel.
DC01 cold plate is equivalent to 10 steel in cold-rolled plate, carbon content is about 0.10%, Q235 is equivalent to 20μm, carbon content is about 020 (of course, although the carbon content is basically the same, Q235 performance is slightly worse than 20) ; DARY 20 is a high quality carbon structural steel, Q235 is a common carbon structural steel.
DC01 cold plate is a European standard, produced by China Baosteel. DC01 is equivalent to GB1567-95.
DC01 cold plate chemical composition%
C is less than 0.10 MN is less than 0.50 P is less than 0.035 s or less than 0.025 Alta is equal to 0.020 TIB
[Quality Score] (%)
Carbon: less than 0.10
Manganese manganese: less than 0.50
Sulfur content: allow residual amount less than 0.025
Phosphorus content: allow residual amount less than 0.035
Alta: Allows residue content to exceed 0.020
DC01 cold plate European standard brand corresponding to EPSA standard B53 3106
Corresponding China substitute material WIF DC01 bare board WISCO
Baosteel DC5D+Z galvanized Dalian TAG DX5D+Z