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The basic content and overview of petroleum cracking tubes
Edit:Shenyang Sidi Ou Trading Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-07-13

The oil cracking tube is used for high-pressure, ultra-high pressure production of high-quality carbon structural steel, alloy structural steel and stainless steel high-pressure seamless pipe, mainly used for the production of high-pressure, high-pressure steam boiler tubes. These petroleum cracking tubes work under high temperature and high pressure, and the pipes will also oxidize and corrode under the action of high temperature flue gas and steam. Therefore, steel is required. The tube has the advantages of high durability, good oxidation resistance and good structural stability. The quality of high-quality carbon structural steel is 20g, 20MnG, 25MnG, alloy structural steel 15Mo, 20Mo, 12CrMo, 15CrMo, 12Cr2Mo, 12CrMo, 12Cr3MVSiTiB, etc.; and anti-rust steel is usually used for 1Cr18Ni9, 1Cr18Ni11Nb high pressure. In order to ensure the chemical composition and mechanical properties of the boiler, the boiler tubes should be hydraulically tested. They should be opened and flattened. The high pressure seamless pipe will be transported during the heat treatment.

1. Overview

(1) Production and manufacturing methods:

1. Generally, the use temperature of GB948 petroleum cracking tubes is below 450 °C. The domestic pipelines mainly use 10 and 20 carbon bonded steel hot rolled tubes or cold drawn tubes.

(2) GB99 48 seamless steel pipe is often used under high temperature and high pressure. Under the action of high temperature flue gas and steam, the pipeline will be oxidized and corroded. Petroleum crackers are required to have high durability, high corrosion resistance and good structural stability.

(2) Use:

(1) The general GB90048 seamless steel pipe is mainly used for the manufacture of water-cooled wall pipes, boiling water pipes, superheated steam pipes, superheated steam pipes for locomotive boilers, large and small pipes, arched brick pipes, etc.

GB90048 seamless steel pipe is mainly used to manufacture superheater tubes, reheater tubes, gas pipes and main steam pipes of high-pressure ultra-high pressure boilers.