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The advantages of American standard seamless pipe and how to prevent corrosion
Edit:Shenyang Sidi Ou Trading Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-07-13

The American standard seamless pipe is a steel belt with no joints in the hollow section. Since the standard steel pipe has a hollow portion, it is hollow and can be used in a large number of pipes as a conveying fluid. In the real world, it can be used for pipeline transportation of oil, natural gas, water, natural gas and solid materials. Compared with solid steel products such as round steel, the American standard seamless pipe has the same strength and weight. It is an economical steel. Can be used to make structural parts and mechanical parts. For example, steel scaffolding made of steel pipe made of American standard steel, or a drive shaft of a car, can also improve the use of an aesthetically pleasing standard steel pipe, making the standard steel pipe a ring member, thereby using a standard steel pipe. It can be improved, simplifies the manufacturing process, and saves material and processing time. For example, the processing of rolling bearings and the processing of Jack ferrules.
Many industries now use American standard seamless tubes for industrial applications. Now, even the production of various conventional weapons is essential. The tubes and cylinders are made of beautiful standard steel tubes. Pipes and shaped tubes are made in the shape of a standard steel tube cross section. The more beautiful standard steel pipe structure tube, because the beautiful standard steel pipe in the same kind, the same circumference, the circle area is much higher than the same industry, so people use round steel pipe into the beautiful standard PI pipe. PE conducts liquids so that more fluid products can be transported, but also because of his, the stress of the ring interface is even when subjected to internal pressure or external pressure.
The anti-corrosion of American standard seamless pipe is the key process to ensure and extend the service life of the pipeline. In order to ensure a firm bond between the anti-corrosion insulation layer and the pipe wall, the derusting of the pipe is the most important.
In general, the surface corrosion of steel pipes can be classified into rust, rust and heavy rust depending on the transportation time, storage and transportation conditions and humidity.
Floating rust: When the factory's date is short, when it is not stored in the open air, there is only a small amount of thin rust on the surface of the tube. It can be used for manual operation such as wire brush, sandpaper, cotton yarn, etc. to show metallic luster.
Corrosion and Corrosion: When the date of the factory is long, the surface of the American standard seamless pipe is oxidized and corroded when the surface is stored or transported. The rust spots are heavy and the scale peels off seriously.
Severely corroded pipes are not suitable for water delivery systems. When the medium rust pipe is large, the rust remover or mechanical blasting can remove rust, improve labor efficiency, and reduce pollution to people and air.
When the anti-corrosion quality is high or the inner and outer walls of the pipe are corroded, the chemical descaling method can be used to effectively remove the oxide inside and outside the pipe.
Regardless of the method used to remove rust, it should be treated immediately after rust removal to avoid oxidation and corrosion of the air.