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High-pressure alloy tube common sense and production
Edit:Shenyang Sidi Ou Trading Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-06-07

    High-pressure alloy tubes are one of the most common steel tubes on the market, and can be used to transport liquids under high-pressure steel tubes. The same as the ordinary high-pressure alloy pipe referred to as seamless steel pipe, created with plain carbon steel , excellent carbon steel , popular low-alloy steel alloy alloy steel, used to build liquid pipelines or to build layouts and parts. The high-pressure pipe is supplied according to the thinness of the outer diameter of the war wall. The uniform outer diameter is high and there are various wall thicknesses, and the pressure received by the high-pressure pipe is large. The length of the steel pipe on weekdays is 3-12.5m for hot rolled pipes and 1.5-9m for cold drawn (rolled) pipes.

The primary production process for high-pressure alloy tubes : tube blank and billet heating, tube blank perforation, and steel tube extension. Rolling of high-pressure alloy tubes, reduction of diameter of steel pipes, cooling of steel pipes, or heating or perforation, hot-rolling, pickling, cold drawing, carbon burning, cutting, and marking Packaging, product A seamless steel pipe creation method, which is characterized by: a rolling stand with multiple rolls, and a plurality of mandrel mills with different rolling deviations After the rolling of the seamless steel pipe is stopped in such a creative production line, the wall thickness of the rolled steel pipe is measured at multiple points. According to the measurement results, at least the control of the mandrel mill will be at least The positions of the two ends of the rolls on the rolling stand are minimized to minimize wall thickness unevenness.

The high-pressure alloy tube is a kind of steam boiler tube and belongs to the category of seamless steel pipe. The way to create a seamless tube is no different, but there are harsh requests for the steel used to create the high-pressure boiler tube. When used, it is often under the premise of high temperature and high pressure. The tube is in high temperature, and the effect of water vapor is high, and the oxidation war will be corrupted. It is required to have high long-term strength, high oxidation resistance and excellent structural stability. The first is to create superheater tubes, reheater tubes, air ducts, main steam tubes, etc. for high pressure super high pressure steam boilers.