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High-pressure alloy tubes need to pay attention to market demand and inventory
Edit:Shenyang Sidi Ou Trading Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-06-12

The demand increase in the high-pressure alloy tube market will remain at a corresponding level, and for the construction industry, it is the beginning of a new start-up period in the golden age. The increase in demand for steel, paint and structural steel will gradually increase, and seasonal factors will also increase the capital, steel market or “blood loss” in September. Due to factors such as market share, steel mills will not actively implement production cuts, implement environmental policies, and accumulate performance demand. Although steel production decline is possible, it will not actively reduce production. Hard to be recognized by the mall. In September, the Mid-Autumn Festival will experience, national holidays will face, social stocks will rise. The urge to impulsive is the anxiety of the mall. High-pressure alloy tube stocks will fall rapidly.

In mid-March, the social inventory of major steel shopping malls reached a record high of 22.515 million tons, an increase of 1.91 million tons from the highest point of the previous year. Among them, 14.32 million tons of steel stocks were built, accounting for 63.6% of the total; At the end of June, it fell to 16.91 million tons, which is close to the same period of the previous year. Now high-pressure alloy tube stocks have fallen below the 2012 level, compared with the stock highs in March, down 30.1%, compared with 18.5% in the same period of the previous year, which shows that this year's destocking is fast. In the previous year. With the increase in trading friction, the difficulty of exporting high-pressure alloy tubes may be further increased. Recently, the United States has advocated anti-dumping inquiries on PC steel wire produced in China, and imposed anti-dumping duties on concrete products imported from China. Canada, Australia and other countries have also adopted the "double-reverse" approach to China's galvanized products, coupled with Southeast Asian countries' restrictions on China's export of high-pressure alloy pipes, the export situation is not optimistic.
Merchants' high-pressure alloy tube inventory pressure or boarding time increased.
Now, the decline in domestically-integrated steel prices is expanding. From the characteristics of the recent turbulence of the shopping malls, the indispensable elements of the operation of the shopping malls are still focused on the construction of steel products, especially the shopping malls in the Tangshan area, as well as the strip and profile products that are more connected with the billet.
It is better to insist on a strict position on the market outlook, because solid and then indefinite will release certain demand, but China’s crude steel overcapacity is a reality, and recently Shagang has cut back to the mall to complete the 300,000 tons of futures to be delivered, but The goods stored in this batch will be released to the mall after delivery. The number of 300,000 tons is much, but it is said that there are not many, and under the impact of this batch of goods, the pressure of the high-pressure alloy pipe of the merchants may be on time. Increase, therefore, advocates that businesses do not see the market is good, they are desperate to dump goods, all rigorously wonderful. The cumulative output value of crude steel from January to November was 660 million tons, an increase of 2.9% year-on-year.