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Shenyang 40Cr steel plate commonly used materials
Edit:Shenyang Sidi Ou Trading Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-05-29

As the price of 40Cr steel plate becomes more and more expensive, it is more and more widely used. There have been many bad business disadvantages in the market, cutting off behavior. This not only damages the interests of the majority of owners, but also destroys the environment of the entire stainless steel decorative panel market. Look at the commonly used materials for color Shaanxi stainless steel plates:

Common materials for color stainless steel plates are 304 materials, 304 rolled materials, and 201 Zheng Zhenghe 201 rolled materials.

Among them, 304 is more resistant to corrosion than Shenyang stainless steel plates, and the material is higher than the rolled material and bright. Due to the large differences, many companies use rough rolling as the material, and the orientation of 201 is 304, which causes the user to use a few months of colored stainless steel plates to begin to fade, rust and even rupture.

So, when we check, the first thing to do is to confirm if the material is specified by the plate.

201 and 304 can be used to detect the difference of syrup. Raw materials and rolled materials are mainly distinguished by observing the quality of the board. The surface is smooth and smooth, the color is uniform, the brightness is high, the thickness of the whole board is uniform, and the surface of the rolled board is dark and the color is uneven. It is often black or striped, with embossing on the back, trachoma, peeling water marks and other defects, and the thickness can reach 2~3 filaments.

However, with the continuous improvement of a large number of rolling mill production technologies and technologies, the gap between materials and rolled materials is gradually narrowing, and some imitative boards, even counterfeit, need to be distinguished by experienced professionals.

Then look at the effect:

The color stainless steel plate is mainly used for decorative areas, decorative boards, and high decorative requirements.

When inspecting, we must carefully check and observe. Good color stainless steel plate should have no obvious color under direct sunlight, and the whole board is colorless.

Uniform color, good color, no scratches and no fading. The mirror surface should be free of grinding heads and horseshoe prints with high brightness.

Of course, the quality of the flat board is usually higher and the price is higher. For the decorative area with lower requirements, the board requirement can also be reduced, and a more affordable and more affordable decorative board can be selected.

Then the tear film:

The color stainless steel plate factory will be attached with a protective film.

Many slow moving plates are placed in the warehouse for a long time. The protective film will be powdery, difficult to tear or tear, and there are many adhesives on the surface of the sheet. It is ugly and difficult to remove.

Even with transparencies, we are inspecting, we have to tear a piece of the quality of watching movies. If you need to follow the subsequent bending and bending, it is best to first over the 6C above the protective film to avoid scratching the board.

Shenyang 9CrSi steel plate commonly used materials

After installing the colored stainless steel plate, tear off the film as soon as possible and apply glue. Especially for outdoor decoration, it is best to tear off the protective film immediately after construction due to direct sunlight.