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Overall market trend of high pressure boiler tubes
Edit:Shenyang Sidi Ou Trading Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-09-03

At present, the high-pressure boiler tube market has also entered the traditional off-season consumption. Due to lack of funds and low expectations for future markets, there is still no winter inventory plan in general, and the winter contract organization pressure of steel mills will increase significantly. Later, domestic hot rolling prices are expected to continue to weaken. In order to avoid unnecessary losses, in the latter part of the manufacturer because of the lower price, due to the majority of insurance, the total inventory level is not high in the hands of the merchants, the shipping pressure is not large, but the shipping situation is not ideal, and Ruifeng, forward, two major steel companies began to formally quote this week, Ruifeng rose 20 to 2770 yuan / ton, only two days strong, the price fell back to 2750 yuan / ton; in advance to maintain the price before the repair, However, the volume of the manufacturers was flat; the recovery time of Tianjin strip production was not long, but now most steel mills reflect that “the blanks are difficult to obtain”. Strip resources are limited, but the market does not see the phenomenon of "treasure". At present, the contradiction between supply and demand of resources is in two stages. The short-term stable mentality is strong, but the prices of raw materials have fallen sharply, and the market has expressed concern in the later period.

Driven by the news of interest rate cuts and the slight increase in the price of Beijing's construction steel market, some indicators of the local construction steel market were slightly stronger in the morning, but considering that the steel mill is about to issue a settlement policy, the market as a whole waits and sees the atmosphere, and the price increase is not obvious. However, with the further release of demand, the shortage of local high-pressure boiler pipe has gradually increased, precisely because mainstream resources are rapidly digested, and there is no timely replenishment, in today's market, commodity resources are scarce, expensive, and purchasing atmosphere. More active. The spot market demand has become more and more shrinking with the deepening of winter, the delivery atmosphere is poor, the merchants are shipping differently, but the overall performance deviates; at the same time, with the recovery of steel mills, the market supply pressure has increased, manufacturers are more Desire to digest inventories, so market prices are in the downstream channel. The financial pressure on the high-pressure boiler tube is over and the supply pressure continues to increase. It will continue to curb the good price of the pipeline, and the operation of the retail fund will increase significantly; but the demand side is diffused. Therefore, it is expected that the market price of steel pipes will continue to fall further. Let's take a look at the factors that affect the price of steel pipes. The results show that China's economy is facing deflationary pressures, labor market performance is not satisfactory, production capacity utilization is low, and economic demand is rather weak. At the same time, although the real estate industry has recovered slightly under the loose policy, the overall housing prices are still falling, and the housing stock consumption cycle is still too large, which is difficult to pull demand in the short term. At this point, as seasonal seasonal demand weakens, the overall demand for the steel market is difficult to improve.

Generally speaking, at present, the macro-level is still based on the construction of site infrastructure. Although it can pull some steel demand, the overall pulling is limited, and the demand is not very strong; and with the temperature drop, the market demand decline is difficult to change; The demand for steel products has declined, the factory's supplementary inventory resources have increased, the supply pressure of the market has become increasingly obvious, and the contradiction between supply and demand will be further upgraded. At the end of this month, under the pressure of funds, cash collection and operation, it is expected that the price of steel pipes will continue to decline mainly next week. However, most steel pipe prices have been at a low level, the profit margin is not large, and the pressure drop of high-pressure boiler tubes should not be too large.