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9CrSi steel plate, far more beautiful than you think
Edit:Shenyang Sidi Ou Trading Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-08-11

9CrSi steel plate is far more beautiful than you think. When I was a "steel circle" outsider, my understanding of steel might only come from my mother.

The steel I can find is like this!

Gray, steel without temperature is a bit ugly. I also refused to iron in my heart!

Later I saw the Eiffel Tower.

Standing under the tower and looking up at this majestic building

I found that looking at another position

Steel can be so beautiful!

The Eiffel Tower was built in 1887 and is divided into three floors, 57.6 meters, 115.7 meters and 276.1 meters from the ground. There are restaurants on the first and second floors, and observation decks on the third floor. The top has a total of 1711 steps, sharing 7,000 tons of steel, 12,000 metal parts, and 2.59 million rivets.

I went to see the Golden Gate Bridge again.

I stand in the distance and look around

Once again captured by the beauty of steel

Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge was started in 1933 and completed in May 1937. It took four years and more than 100,000 tons of steel, costing $35.5 million. The huge pylon of the Golden Gate Bridge is 227 meters high, and each steel cable weighs 6412 metric tons, which is twisted by 27,000 wires.

Our country’s steel is no longer a “simple and rude”

We use the latest technology in steel

There is a kind of steel called "Bird's Nest Steel"

Bird's nest

The bird's nest is a reinforced concrete frame shear structure and a steel structure of bending and torsion members. The construction cost is 3.3 billion yuan, the construction area is 258,000 m2, and the steel content of the external steel structure is 42,000 tons. The whole project includes steel in steel, rebar, etc. The amount of steel used was 110,000 tons.

What makes the Chinese people proud is that every piece of steel here is developed independently by Chinese steel workers!

We have the world's largest single-caliber radio telescope

Eye eye

“Tianyan” is located in Dawotun, Jinke Village, Kedu Town, Pingtang County, Guizhou Province. It has a receiving area of ​​30 football fields. The sensitivity is about 10 times higher than that of the 100-meter telescope in Bonn, Germany, which is called “the largest machine on the ground”. The performance is about 10 times higher than the American Åresib 305-meter radio telescope, which is ranked as the top of the "10th century project in the 20th century." Its world leading level will remain 10 to 20 years.

We have China's largest dome

National Theatre

China's largest dome was framed by 6,750 tons of steel beams, but such a huge steel frame structure was not supported by a column. That is to say, the steel structure weighing 6750 tons should rely entirely on its own mechanical structure system to ensure safety and stability. The steel used for the entire steel structure is only 197 kg per square meter, which is lower than many similar steel structures. The construction of this shell steel structure is extremely difficult. When lifting steel beams, the crane with the largest tonnage in China is used.

We have the world's first 8 degree zone in seismic fortification intensity.

Built a super high-rise building of 500 meters or more

China Respect (under construction)

The 9CrSi steel plate used in the “China Zun” project has a thickness of 10 mm to 120 mm, and the delivered products include normalizing, tempering, and heat-treating materials.

The basement of China Zun Building is a mega-frame + 砼 core tube (shaped steel column + steel shear wall) structural system, a total of 8 floors, a building area of ​​87,000 square meters, 4 plane dimensions of 34.39 meters × 32.79 meters of giant steel columns, fixed in Nearly 56,000 cubic meters, 6.5 meters thick on the huge concrete floor, together with the wing wall, core tube steel wall and other 135,000 tons of steel components, built a solid foundation for the main building of China's steel structure.

South-to-North Water Transfer

In January 2009, Jinsteel won the bid for the Henan section of the first phase of the South-to-North Water Transfer Project. “South-to-North Water Transfer” is a national strategic project, which is divided into three lines: east, middle and west. The starting point of the east line project is located in Jiangdu Water Conservancy Project in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province. The starting point of the middle line project is located in the Danjiangkou Reservoir in the middle and upper reaches of the Han River. The water supply areas are Henan, Hebei, Beijing and Tianjin. Provinces (cities).

And the high-speed rail business card we are proud of.

I saw the ordinary 9CrSi steel plate finally turned into

Unbelievable majestic architecture

Is it a little pride as an iron man?

Steel in your hands today

It may become a skyscraper, a high-speed rail, and a playground tomorrow.

9CrSi steel plate is alloy tool steel, low speed low alloy cutting tool steel.
9CrSi steel plate has brittleness and hardness, and is sensitive to surface hardening and easy to crack.