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How to install high pressure boiler tubes
Edit:Shenyang Sidi Ou Trading Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-08-17

The main work of power plant high-pressure boiler pipeline installation is the installation and connection between pipelines and pipelines, pipelines and equipment, pipelines and pipe fittings. Based on the function of the power plant boiler system, according to the actual environment of the pipeline installation, according to the high-pressure boiler pipeline of the power plant Installation specifications and actual standards to achieve different pipe installation methods. Since the pipeline installation requires sufficient space and the elevation and space coordinates need to be fully considered during the installation process, the pipeline installation process should be strictly in accordance with the design requirements, so as to accurately control the direction and slope of the pipeline. Ensure the smooth flow of water in the pipeline.  

1. The installation of pipes and brackets for high-pressure boiler tubes in power plants.  
The most important part of the installation of high-pressure boiler pipes in power plants is the installation of the pipes, which can ensure the construction quality of the pipe installations. In the process of pipe installation, the installation of the pipe-body hangers is first required. If the scientific and reasonable selection and installation of the pipe hanger bracket can not only improve the connection quality of the pipe nozzle, but also ensure the consistency of the pipe installation, if the installation of the high pressure boiler pipe hanger is not installed according to the specifications and standards, not only Will affect the operation of the power plant boiler system, but also affect the installation of the suspension bracket during construction. For the hanging bracket of the heat pipe, it is mainly composed of the root of the fixing bracket, the connecting piece, the pipe body, the spring, etc., so before the installation of the heat pipe, the type and material of the connecting body, the pipe body and the spring should be checked first. Consistency, with reference to design requirements and construction standards, scientific construction in accordance with the construction drawings. During the installation process of the pipe hanger, if the design of the base of the bracket deviates, the offset value of the pipe hanger bracket should be ensured. At the same time, the firmness of the root of the bracket is ensured during the installation process, and the spring force is checked. The spring and the nut of the connector shall ensure the locking of the nut and sufficient thread.  

2. Welding work of high pressure boiler pipes .  
Pipe welding mainly involves three aspects: welding process, groove cleaning and positioning. In the welding process, workers should follow the construction drawings in strict accordance with the construction specifications; in addition, field inspection should be carried out before construction, according to the surrounding environment of the construction site. Develop feasible construction instructions; in addition, it is technically strong for the welding process, so the technical disclosure should be carried out before welding, including the selection of welding materials, process parameters and heat treatment temperature. For groove processing, due to its use, etc.

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